This is the path to the college football playoffs?

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“They’re coming,” Urban Meyer proclaims.

The college football world has their sights set on national champion Ohio State – that’s the message. “Get ready,” he says in ESPN’s latest hype campaign for New Year’s Eve College Football Playoffs.

Half-way through the 60-second spot you get a sense of the opposition. But explore this image for a second.



In the top left grid, you have SEC teams Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Florida and Georgia. And that’s where this crazy flow chart stops making sense.

The lines weave through all kinds of directions – not really connecting – but nonetheless meeting the Buckeyes in the middle.

The bottom-left portion has Miami and Georgia Tech, two ACC teams. (Nice touch marking Georgia’s path to Ohio State through the Yellow Jackets. You see that Paul Johnson?) Closing out the grouping are independent Notre Dame, and what we can only decipher to be TCU (Big XII) and Ole Miss (SEC)?

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The groupings continue with a bunch of Pac-12 and Big Ten teams before rounding out at the top right with Louisville (ACC) and the Big XII’s Kansas State, Oklahoma State and Kansas.

Kansas? KANSAS? The Jayhawks are a combined 7-29 the last three seasons. If the Buckeyes are quivering at the thought Kansas is “going to take what’s ours,” Meyer might as well retire – again.

[UPDATE: A keen observer notes that it’s Boise State (not TCU) and UNLV (not Ole Miss) in the bottom left. While the bird on the top right grouping is not Louisville, but is in fact the Iowa State Cyclones.)

It’s not real. It doesn’t matter, but who drew this map?

By the way, in the very next frame, Meyer warns “No one is what they seem,” as a Tennessee player pummels a Georgia quarterback chess piece. You see that Mark Richt?



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