Nick Saban like you’ve never seen him – at daughter’s wedding

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Nick Saban walks his daughter, Kristen, down the aisle. (Vimeo)

This teaser video features some intimate moments from the wedding of Alabama head coach’s daughter, Kristen Saban.

The 2-minute snippet includes footage of the bride’s reveal to her groom, some guests and coach Nick Saban and his wife, Terry, dancing during the reception. It ends with the couple’s firework-framed, Rolls-Royce exit from Bryant-Denny Stadium.

You’ll also see Nick Saban’s toast during the reception. You can hear his voice crack when he says he’s not very fond of giving things away.

“I guess I’m supposed to be giving a speech up here tonight to give my daughter away, but if you know me, I don’t give anything away,” said Saban during a toast at the reception. “We don’t give any points away. We don’t give any shots away on the golf course. I still have my high school jersey. But you know I don’t really look at this as giving something away. … We’re actually gaining a son.”

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