Dates for SEC spring football practices

Ole Miss began its spring football practice Tuesday, the fourth SEC team to do so. Vandy began things Feb. 16, and Tennessee and Texas A&M started Monday.

Spring practice begins in Athens on March 17.

Mississippi State will be the last team to start, hitting the field March 18, three days before Vandy plays the first spring game.

Arkansas and Tennessee are the last of the schools to hold their spring games, on April 25.

Kentucky and Texas A&M will not hold spring games because of stadium construction. For the Aggies, it is the second consecutive year with no game because of work at Kyle Field.

The schedule:

(First date is for the beginning of spring practice and the second is for the spring game)

Alabama: March 13, April 18

Arkansas: March 16, April 25

Auburn: March 10, April 18

Florida: March 16, April 11

Georgia: March 17, April 11

Kentucky: March 7, N/A

LSU: March 7, April 18

Ole Miss: March 3, April 11

Mississippi State: March 18, April 18

Missouri: March 10, April 18

South Carolina: March 17, April 11

Tennessee: March 2, April 25

Texas A&M: March 2, N/A

Vanderbilt: Feb. 16, March 21

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