Ex-South Carolina quarterback: SEC players get paid – a lot

stephen garcia
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Former South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia. (David Goldman / AP)
stephen garcia

Former South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia. (David Goldman / AP)

Former South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia went on a Charlotte, N.C., radio station to argue that rules punishing college football players from cashing in on their fame is “absolutely ridiculous.”

And then he said more.

Garcia, now a seer at Saturday Down South, told the radio show that players across the Southeastern Conference frequently get money for autographs or memorabilia.

OK, except maybe at Vanderbilt. “I’m going to go out on a limb and say that didn’t happen at Vanderbilt,” he said to chuckles.

“I saw it all day, every day to be honest with you. I wish they came to me, but they thought of me as some rich white kid so I didn’t really get benefits from that. I’m just being honest with you,” Garica said. “I saw it firsthand with a lot of players and talking with other guys. You know I’m friends with a lot of players from around the SEC, and talking with them, it makes the Todd Gurley thing seem insignificant by a long shot.”

Georgia running back Todd Gurley will sit out a second game as the school continued to investigate allegations he received payments for signed memorabilia.

Garcia said he personally knew of a few players at Georgia who “got a full handshake,” in reference to taking cash payments for autographs. The most he recalls a player receiving for autographs was “$160,000 for one season.”

And he was again, careful to say he was never offered cash for autographs.

Garcia went on the defensive following the interview, tweeting:

Garcia’s comments were, apparently, not taken lightly. Josh Kendall, the South Carolina beat writer for The State newspaper in Columbia, tweeted:

The entire interview on WFNZ’s “Mac Attack” show is available online.

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