Report: Cabrera turns down postseason share

According to a report at USA Today’s website Wednesday afternoon, Detroit Tigers star slugger Miguel Cabrera turned down his share of the money players and other personnel receive when a team advances to the postseason.

The report said that last year a postseason share was worth $307,000.

Paul White of USA Today was in Baltimore, where the Tigers will open the American League Division series play Thursday against the Orioles.

He wrote that Cabrera was sitting at his locker before the Tigers’ workout Wednesday as pitcher Max Scherzer made the rounds in the clubhouse soliciting the necessary signatures for a player to obtain his share of the postseason money.

White said Cabrera told Scherzer: “I’m not signing anything.” White reported that Cabrera later said, “I just want the ring.”

Turning down 300 grand may fall somewhere between insane and magnanimous to most of us, but we need to consider that Cabrera’s contract with the Tigers may pay him up to $352 million, and that doesn’t include the large sums of money he was paid before the current contract.

Nonetheless, in today’s era of seemingly greedy athletes, Cabrera’s gesture appears out of place. And as Paul White reports, the real winners may be the Tigers’ support staff who are eligible for postseason shares, such as clubhouse personnel and others who do the behind-the-scenes grunt work for millionaire players.

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